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Ensure public events security

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We secure events of all levels

Business meetings and negotiations
Business meetings and negotiations

We ensure maximum security of business meetings.

Congresses and forums
Congresses and forums

Eliminate possible threats at events involving authorities and other VIPs.

Sports events
Sports events

We make sure that overheated fans don’t violate public order.


We protect the stars and the audience from inadequate event spectators.


Being familiarized with unique details of the work, we will organize security of valuables and access control.

Private events
Private events

We accompany VIP clients and supervise the work of service personnel.

Secure your event in 6 steps

Conducting a venue inspection

We assess the venue compliance with security requirements and inspect if there are any “vulnerable” zones present.

Security regulations drawing up

We establish a plan indicating the layout of posts, number of staff, communication devices, service weapons and necessary equipment.

Interaction with public authorities agencies and security ministries

We organize joint work with enforcement agencies on security issues and cooperate with them including in case of support If necessary as well as handing over offenders to the police.

Ensuring security of the venue

We organize checkpoints, video surveillance cameras, patrols and perimeter security, including through quadcopters.

Control of participant access to the venue

Install an access control system, a non-contact thermometric system and organize an inspection of participants employing metal detectors, gas analysers and introscopes.

Personal protection for VIP participants

Meet guests at the airport or train station, transport them to the venue in an armoured car, ensure security throughout the event and deliver them to the place of departure.

The guards act smoothly as a single mechanism

Get a free security audit of your service

  • We offer three options to secure your facility or event;
  • We provide a preliminary calculation of the security procedures by our employees;
  • We keep your data confidential: we value the privacy of our customers.
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