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Polygraph testing

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A polygraph is a piece of equipment that helps to determine if someone is telling the truth or not. Special sensors record breathing patterns, pulse, blood pressure, and perspiration — the psychophysiological processes that change when someone is being deceptive. Here’s when polygraph testing can come in useful:

  • internal investigations;
  • testing employees when they are applying for jobs or services;
  • investigations concerning the transfer of confidential data to third parties, and for the use of one’s official position for personal purposes;
  • investigating crimes related to the theft or appropriation of property;
  • evaluating the psychological and emotional state of active employees.

Congress Security provides polygraph testing services for individuals and legal entities. The cost of these services depends on the number of people that need to be evaluated, why the test needs to be conducted, whether the conclusions need to be reviewed, and other factors. We always use certified equipment. Polygrams are checked both manually and using a special computer program. Our inquiries are conducted strictly in accordance with the law. The client will receive a full report with the results.

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