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Security of facilities and private property

Armed guards to provide security and patrol the area

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Physical security of facilities of all categories of anti-terrorist protection

Private houses and apartments
Private houses and apartments

Guards prevent intruders from entering private property.

Industrial enterprises
Industrial enterprises

Security prevent both criminal attacks on the facility and theft among employees.

Shopping centres
Shopping centres

Security identify violators and keep the mall property intact.

Business centres
Business centres

A status guard will accentuate high level of offices.

Housing estates
Housing estates

Security stop vandals and looters, provide access control.

Exhibition and congress venues
Exhibition and congress venues

Access control of participants and staff to the event venue.

Secure the facility in 5 steps

Conducting venue inspection

We assess the venue compliance with security requirements and inspect if there are any “vulnerable” zones present.

Development of security regulations

We establish a plan indicating the layout of posts, number of officers, communication facilities, service weapons and required equipment.

Bringing the venue in line with security requirements

We install the necessary equipment, organize checkpoints and eliminate “vulnerable” zones at the facility.

Physical security of the facility

We organize stationary posts, patrols and perimeter security.

Installing Security Systems

We equip the facility with video surveillance, access control and movement detection systems.

Specialists ensure maximum security of your property

Security guards act guided by your requirements and analysis of the operational situation

Specialists ensure maximum security of your property

Physical security by our employees is:

  • protection from hooligans and robbers;
  • control of employees, equipment and cargo;
  • instant reaction to the threat;
  • prompt response in abnormal situations;
  • increasing the prestige of the facility

All employees are constantly improving their physical, professional and theoretical training.

Cost estimate of

a physical security post with additional services per month

Dress code
Classic suit
Additional options
Protective equipment
(Bulletproof vest, helmet, first aid kit)
Means of defence (Handcuffs, rubber stick)
Vehicle by class
Vehicle: Sedan
Vehicle: SUV
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  • We offer three options to secure your facility or event;
  • We provide a preliminary calculation of the security procedures by our employees;
  • We keep your data confidential: we value the privacy of our customers.
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