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Deliver cargo on the territory of the Russian Federation under the control of armed specialists

Keep your data completely confidential

We will call you back and answer all your questions

We escort material values by any mode of transport


We protect your cargo from criminal offences in the conditions of dangerous railway transportation.


We secure your cargo regarding the special features of transportation mode. We coordinate all actions with the captain of the ship.


We escort the cargo on your transport or on an armoured vehicle from our own fleet.


We protect your cargo transporting on a charter flights or military transport aircraft.

We secure valuable cargo in 5 steps


Together with you we plan a safe route considering characteristics of infrastructure, terrain and potential danger areas.

Ensuring the security of cargo

We use security containers and safes with seals and additional locks on them. The cargo is guarded by armed officers.

Mobile alarm systems employment

We apply disconnectors, motion sensors, GPS trackers. The guards use radio communications to transmit status information immediately.

Route control

Report back to you when passing each checkpoint on the route.

Cargo delivery

Hand you over the protected cargo perfectly safe under the act. Keep the data confidential.

We are responsible for the cargo from loading to reception

We are responsible for the cargo from loading to reception

  • We equip transport with navigation systems to track the cargo’s location.
  • Armed officers secure the cargo.
  • We interact with responsible parties at all stages of cargo transportation.
  • We ensure the confidentiality of cargo, route and other details of the service.

Get a free security audit of your service

  • We offer three options to secure your facility or event;
  • We provide a preliminary calculation of the security procedures by our employees;
  • We keep your data confidential: we value the privacy of our customers.
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